Q: "Where do you photograph the portraits?" 

A: For all sessions available, we utilize our studio and surround grounds.  For those who select The Ultimate session, you can choose  your own location - either the LMP studio or somewhere else!  See the "Our Studio" section of our website for more information.

Q: "What happens during the session?"

A: You will be guided through the process by our photographers and staff.  

Most importantly, you will have fun!  We try to keep things light and relaxed, so expect to joke around and have a blast!

Q: "How do you decide what portraits I end up seeing?"

A: First, when you select a session, we photograph however many poses we need to fulfill the session.  For example: If you select The Custom, we plan to photograph 20 poses.  We will typically take one or two of each pose to make sure that it is perfect.  

Next, we will select the best portraits from the session to complete your proof set.  This decision is bases on several factors, which include whether or not the image is in focus, the technical accuracy of the photograph, whether or not the pose was flattering, and your facial expression.  We have high standards, and if a portrait does not meet those standards, that pose is not included.    

Q: "Will I get to select my yearbook portrait?"

A: Yes, as long as you make your yearbook selection prior to the selection deadline for your school.  After this date, LMP reserves the right to submit a selection on your behalf to make sure you are included in the yearbook.

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Q: "When do I pay for the session? And what is included in the session fee?"

A: Session fees are paid when you arrive for your session.  Session fees compensate us for the time of photography, as well as the processes involved in preparing the images for the yearbook.  Session fees do not includes any product.  The only exceptions are The Ultimate and The All-Inclusive Custom, which come with a disc of images.

Q: "When will I see my proofs?"

A: You will receive an email containing a link and access information ten business days following your session.  Please keep in mind that business days are Monday - Friday.

Q: "Are the proofs I see in my gallery retouched?"

A: No.  Proofs are not retouched prior to viewing.  However, all portraits that are ordered receive basic retouching.  Basic retouching includes removal of minor blemishes/imperfections and teeth brightening.  Any additional retouching will incur a fee.

Q: "Can I use one of my portraits for my senior yearbook ad?"

A: Yes, however you must place an order PRIOR to requesting an image.  Once you have placed an order, fill out the "Yearbook Ad Portrait Request" form.  We will submit the image to the school on your behalf.

about placing an order...

Q: "Where can I find pricing for portraits?"

A: Pricing can be found within your proofing gallery.  If you have questions, please let us know!  We offer bother traditional packages, as well as a la carte options.

Q: "Do you sell images on a disc?"

A: Yes, we do sell digital copies.  These can be purchased on from your proofing gallery.

Q: "When will my order be ready?"

A: Our turnaround time is based on volume, and we always process orders in the order in which they are received.  Generally, senior portrait orders are completed within 3-5 weeks of order placement.