Thumbtack Special Packages

Prices are quoted for in home studio rates.   All packages can be tailored to your needs.


Headshot Photography

Basic package  - $29.99

  • 30-minute shoot
  • Two edited images

Standard package - $39.99

  • 45-minute shoot
  • Three edited images

Premium package -  $59.99

  • 60-minute shoot
  • Five edited images

For business and modeling/acting profolio's 

 Portrait Photography 

Basic package  - $59.99

  • 45-minute shoot
  • Three edited images    

Standard package - $69.99

  •  60-minute shoot
  • Five edited images    

Premium package - $129.99

  •  90-minute shoot
  • Ten edited images

This is geared more toward personal portrait.   Can be full body and include prop's.  We can try several different lighting styles.   

Real time viewing of your photo's with IPad during the photo shoot.

This provide several advantages. 

  • Make sure we get the shots you want and not the photographer decides.  Nothing worse than for both the user and the photographer when he thinks he nailed the shot, just to find out later that the pictures are not what client is looking for.

  • We are able to tweak your look and expressions during the shoot. This allows you to see how it affects your overall look and mood of the photo.

  • This also helps with the workflow.   Quicker turn around time for photos to be published online for downloading.