What to Wear:

please wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and most of all BEAUTIFUL!! when you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. feel free to “think outside the box” and wear something that you might not normally wear on a day to day basis. GO ALL OUT! mix and match colors. wear something that says who you really are. google some of your favorite websites for some clothing ideas if you are stuck. or just ask me or follow me on Pinterest by clicking here.

*for children, it is always a good idea to bring at least one extra set of clothing in case the first set gets dirty or you simply just want a new look. Ideas include…

For Children: Color! Lots of color; Denim; Fun frilly dresses; any props you would like; outfits that compliment each other

For Newborns: nude is best; fun hats or headbands; simple onsie

For Maternity: yoga pants; sonogram photo; basic tank; denim;
What to expect for your photo shoot:

everyone seems to get nervous when it’s picture time. just relax and be yourself. parents, please let me instruct your children during the shoot. it will not seem as if it is as disciplinary coming from me and they will more than likely not get as upset. children will be children and during an outdoor shoot they will not be perfect and will get into things. it’s ok. we just want to make sure to keep them happy during the shoot to get the best photos for you and your family.
it is a good idea to bring a snack and milk/juice for your children in case they get fussy. (a little bribery never hurt anyone)

newborn sessions- it is best to schedule a newborn session during the first 10 days of the life as this is the time when the baby is the most flexible and sleepy. if you feel comfortable and the weather is nice we can also do the newborn shoot outdoors. if we are doing a newborn session at your home, please make sure you have a few extra “birp cloths” on hand and ready, and that the baby has a full belly. i understand there will be times we will need to stop for breaks for feeding time or changing time and that is fine. Newborn sessions typically last between 1-2 hours so please keep that in mind. Also, I use natural lighting so if considering an indoor location, please also keep this in mind. I will bring Newborn props and accessories that I have and you are welcome to have me use something special that you may have in mind.

maternity sessions are best from week 32 and beyond. if you would like to schedule a maternity session please contact me as soon as possible.